Being a godparent is a huge honour - it's basically being trusted with the most precious thing in your friends' lives. Dom Ash - Telegraph

I am now a godparent - what next... ? What can I do with / for my godchild?


The great thing about the relationship between a godparent and their godchild is that there can be some great opportunities for 1:1 time. Here we have a few suggestions, grouped by suitability for different children.

Quieter Child
  • Beach day - rock pools / looking for dinasours / collecting shells or driftwood.
  • Arts and Crafts - work together on one project, or by doing similar (e.g. both drawing).
  • Books or films - explore the favourites from when you were a child, or find out what is new and interesting now.
  • Zoos - always popular with pre-teen children, these are a great opportunity for the quieter child to still get outside and enjoy time together.
  • Museums or visitor attractions such as houses and castles.
More energetic Child
  • Beach day - swimming / surfing / digging & building in sand / beach games.
  • Physical sports - try new ones they haven't done - water-skiing / ice-skating / mountain biking to zorbing / hovercrafts / jetskis - lots of options!
  • Long walks / bike rides.
  • Organised play - from soft play at a young age to Go Ape and other aerial adventures when they are older.