Asked to be a Godparent? Not sure what it means? What is the religious bit? What are your responsibilities? How to be a great Godparent...


Do you need Godparents? How do you choose?
What are you asking? How to choose great Godparents...

Is your child about to be baptised? Have you just been asked to be a Godparent? Maybe you are thinking about how to build a relationship with your Godchild? Or perhaps you are stuck for a present to celebrate Baptism / Birthday / Christmas?

The Godparent Guide will take you by the hand and walk you through the process. From history to tradition, the religious meaning to other approaches and with plenty of ideas on how to build a relationship, this is the starting point to help you be the best possible Godparent.

Can an adult go to heaven if they have never been baptised?
Yes. The bible is clear that going to heaven is based on accepting Jesus Christ as saviour, confessing your sins......
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03:11 - Vicars talk about baptism
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03:00 - Dot and Bouncy - Baptism
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07:53 - Christian Baptism
You bet I'm proud of being a godmother: My godson picked me for the job! (He was 15 at the time - and wanted tips about girls)
Amanda Platell - Daily Mail