Godparent Guide
Is your child about to be baptised? Have you just been asked to be a Godparent? Maybe you are thinking about how to build a relationship with your Godchild? Or perhaps you are stuck for a present to celebrate Baptism / Birthday / Christmas?

The Godparent Guide will take you by the hand and walk you through the process. From history to tradition, the religious meaning to other approaches and with plenty of ideas on how to build a relationship, this is the starting point to help you be the best possible Godparent.

When picking godparents, material wealth should be irrelevant. Love should be the first consideration, reliability another, and it also helps to be a good role model. Amanda Platell - Daily Mail

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03:00 - Dot and Bouncy - Baptism
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01:53 - Why parents get their children christened
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07:53 - Christian Baptism