The website provides suggestions of gifts that might be suitable for godparents and their godchildren. We are careful in our choices, and where possible use suppliers who are British and provide good quality at a reasonable price. We are also proud to support a number of smaller companies who are specialists and passionate about their products and services.

To help run this website, our suppliers do pay us a small commission or affiliate fee if you buy from them - this doesn't affect the cost to you in any way. They gain a little less profit but more customers, we make a little bit to help with running the website. If you don't want us to have this commission fee, then you can simply visit the suppliers through another route and we will not be paid.

Christopher Ward
A small English watchmaker with a simple aim putting premium quality watches within the reach of everyone.
Circle Wine
A family run business with extensive experience in buying, selling and holding outstanding wines on behalf of a wide range of private collectors.
The well known retailer is a convenient source of gifts.
The Pen Shop
The Pen Shop is Europe's largest writing instrument specialist and one of only two pen shop chains in the world. Started in 1858 as a newsagent, stationery shop and bookseller it opened the first specialist writing shop in the UK in 1946. It now has 21 stores across the country and is the place to buy beautiful writing instruments.
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