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I am now a godparent - what next... ?
What can I do with / for my godchild?
Church view
Pray for them

Send them a card on the anniversary of their baptism each year.

Make sure that they own a bible appropriate to their age - that means Toddler / Child / Teenager / Adult

Take them to Church

Spend time talking about your faith

Be there to answer questions / help them in their developing faith.
World view
Get to know the child - spend time with them from baby up, read to them, play with them, talk with them.

Remember birthdays and Christmas, it reminds them of your relationship.

Think about how you complement their parents, if the parents are sporty, take your godchild to the theatre, if the parents prefer opera, take them to a football match.

Be there when they need you (or the parents need you!), your role is as a supportive adult.

Introduce them to your hobbies and interests, helping them to also build life-long interests.

Spend time together, take them out for the day, or on holiday if that works.
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