About Us

At Arrancar we are a small group of professionals in the IT and Business worlds. We have a passion for simple, useful websites which help others.

Between us we have wide and varied experiences of Christianity & Church, being a godparent / godchild. This website tries to walk a sensitive balance - on the one hand by their very name godparents / godhildren are a part of the Christian faith / religion, and are a God thing, so there is a definite emphasis on that in the content; however we are aware that the concept has been very much adopted by many who are not Christians, or who may have a variety of thoughts about their own faith - and as such we try to balance the content with a secular or non-religious view. You will see this often presented with two columns showing the religious and non-religious views in parallel.

It is important that myths and inaccuracies are not repeated, so we do try to be accurate, especially with the more precise details around the religious ceremonies / responsibilities / conditions. If we have inaccuracies, please do let us know at info@godparentguide.com and we will endeavour to correct the content.
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